The Reality of Private Investigation

Popular culture has been enthralled with private investigators for many decades. Books, television shows and movies are as far from reality as you can get when it comes to the truth of what private investigators truly do. Let’s take a look a few of these pop culture portrayals. Books Fictional […]

Reality of Private Investigation

Common Myths about Being a PI

4 Common Myths About Being A PI

A private investigator can do a lot for your business or your case. They can help find missing persons, run background checks, gather evidence and even testify in court about the results of their investigations. However, there are a lot of myths floating around about being a PI that need […]

Private Investigations: Gathering Hardcore Evidence

Private investigators are experts in gathering hardcore evidence. But what exactly is hardcore evidence and what can it include? Hardcore evidence is evidence that is direct and conclusive, leaving no room for dispute. In contrast, circumstantial evidence is a set of related evidence or circumstances that together lead to a […]

Hardcore evidence Myrtle Beach

What Are Grounds for Divorce In South Carolina?

In South Carolina, there are five defined grounds for divorce – adultery, habitual alcohol or drug abuse, physical cruelty, desertion of at least one year and no-fault separation of one year. The no-fault separation grounds for divorce have made actual desertion uncommon. No special proof is required for a no-fault […]

Grounds for Divorce South Carolina

5 Ways to Recognize an Online Cheater

If you are suspicious of your partner’s online activities enough to wonder if they might be cheating, chances are likely that your suspicions are correct. The ever-connected nature of the internet and social media have changed the definition of what does and doesn’t constitute cheating for many people. Ultimately, if […]

Online Cheater

Cheating Online

Is Cheating Online Really Cheating?

The internet, smart phones and social media have all changed the way we communicate in daily life. They have also changed the way we find and meet potential romantic partners–and the way we cheat. Is cheating online really cheating? Some people think as long as it stays virtual and never […]

Human Trafficking: How to Spot A Victim in Plain Site

You may be surprised to learn that human trafficking is a serious problem in the United States, and even right in Myrtle Beach – it’s far more common than you may realize. Human trafficking isn’t limited to foreigners being relocated to the US. In fact, a majority of the human […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Private Investigator

Hiring a PI is not a decision most people make without careful consideration. You may even wonder what types of issues a private investigator can truly help with. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a private investigator: 1. Employee Background Checks – As a business owner, it can […]